Amazon Mechanical Turk, Blogging and Making Money Online

So I have been “turking” off and on for 3.5 years now. I took most of 2013 off from it but as a few weeks ago I am back.


I have been using a combination of Mturkforum, Reddit and Turk Alert to find out what the best hits are. I was reading in a forum about people making $100-150 a day on there. Can it be done? How much work would that require? Would you have to be glued to your desk from 5am-midnight to do that?

In a perfect world I wouldn’t worry about AMT. I wouldn’t ever go on and use it. In a perfect world, I would make enough online in other places. But I haven’t hit that goal…yet. I will…but not yet. And you can always go on AMT. Wake up at 3am and can’t sleep? It is there. Have an hour break before dinner? It is there. Need something to work on in the early morning hours? It is there. It is always there and you can always make something on it.

I also have found other jobs through AMT. Other more profitable ones. AMT leads to things and opens you up to some other ways to make money online.


The most I have ever made is about $25-30 a day doing some writing tasks. Sometimes I would finish before lunch, other times it took me until the night. I wasn’t working the whole time. I have kids and a house to run. But I wonder how much more I could have done had I not had any other responsibilities. Could I make that $100-150 a day that some people could? It is something we are going to test when my husband has some time off in early 2014.

While I am attempting to see how much I can make on AMT, I will also be working on my Scentsy business and my blogging. It won’t do any good to have to spend all my time on AMT and have no time for anything else. Scentsy and my blogging will have to come first. AMT will be there to fill in the gaps.

Besides my own blogs, I am also working on adding more freelance jobs. So far I have been checking the Job board at Pro Blogger and apply to the jobs that might be a good fit.

The last six months I have been solo-parenting and because of that I simply do not have the time to work on everything I would like to work on. That will change soon, and I am motivated to dive back into money making methods I have had to put on hold for the last few months, this blog being one of them. You should be seeing me blog more often and sharing what I have learned about making money online.

With 2014 starting in just a few weeks I am already starting to think about what my goals will be. It will be a big year for us. A lot of changes for our family. A lot of changes for my businesses. I am excited about it.

What have you been working on? Did you start a new blog? Leave the link and I will check it out :)

If you would like to start on AMT yourself you can sign up here. Then read some of my AMT tips I have blogged about in the past.



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