Multiple Income Streams While Making Money Online

ID-100163046In April I found a really amazing writing job. I could write when I wanted. I could make as much money as I could find the time to write. It was perfect. Then summer happened. Summer with three kids. I didn’t have a lot of time for working.

In June and July I only wrote a little bit. I figured that as soon as school started back up I could write for this job and make a lot of money. I had forgotten one of the most important things about online work. Sometimes it is there, sometimes it isn’t.

Even though there was a ton of work in July, there has not been very much in August. This is frustrating for me because I actually have time for this writing job. I have the time to sit, write and make money. Now I know that tomorrow I could wake up to more work. On the other hand I might have to wait a few weeks for it to happen.

As my husband and I discuss the future and think about him being a SAHD and me making all the money from home, I realize that this is something we really need to think about.

I need to not get too comfortable with any online job that I get. I could wake up the next day and it could be gone. Even if I could make everything I needed though one job, I can’t just sit back and not worry about looking for other jobs. When times are plenty and I am making more money, we need to be smart and save some of it for the times when I am making less. This is all apart of running your own business.

I am thankful that this happened when it did. It was a big reminder that I can’t get too comfortable with online jobs. They come and they go.

I think the key is multiple income streams. Think of all of your income going into a bucket. If you are only using one hose and that gets turned off, you are in trouble. If you have several different hoses you can at least fill in the gaps a little bit while you look for something else.

I think this is what is so stressful to me about making money online. The Internet moves fast and things change. What was a sure thing can be gone before you know it.

I remember in December of 2011 I found a really good requester on Amazon Mechanical Turk. I was making $25/day and only had to work a few hours. It was perfect. But soon into the new year he and his work was gone. He didn’t need as much work done anymore. I was suddenly not making $25/a day anymore.

So as I look ahead in the months to come, I will always be doing what I can to find multiple ways to make money online. I won’t take any job for granted and I plan to be smart with the money I make.

Have you ever run into this? Have you ever had a job you were depending on stop all of a sudden?

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  1. As a part-time freelancer, I know how it goes. Have you ever thought about creating passive income?

    In the meantime, I just came across a seasonal job for stay at home workers:

    It’s totally legit…and it’s chocolate!
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  3. It is always bad to put your all eggs in the same basket.

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