The Value of Podcasts

The How to Make Money Online MomHave you ever listened to a podcast? A few years ago I started downloading photography podcasts to listen to while I was doing the dishes, a chore I hate or going on long walks, which I love to do. I learned a lot from them. Recently I started listening to podcasts about Internet Marketing. I am learning so much this way! What is great about a podcast is you can listen to it online, on your ipod or even your Smart phone. I can be learning while I am exercising, going on a walk or doing a mindless chore. I can also put them on a cd and listen to them in my car.

I somehow came across Smart Passive Income and was hooked! He has a lot of great podcasts that have really helped me in my own Internet Marketing journey. I also make sure to check out all the guest bloggers he has and see if they have podcasts too. I don’t want to listen to each and every Internet Marketing podcast so I try to make sure they are legit and know what they are talking about before I listen to them. I want to know I can trust them before I take their advice.

I have learned a lot about making money online, blogging and how to make money with blogging. I have also learned a little about business and how to work and stay focused on my goals which is so important. Hearing from others who have been able to make a living online really inspire me. They keep me motivated to keep moving forward with my own ideas and passions.

Here are some of my favorites so far…

Internet Business Mastery- These guys have a lot to listen to. They are very informative and I have learned a lot from only listening to a few podcasts so far.

Make Money on the Internet- This guy has made some money online and really worth listening to.

Learning with Leslie- I just came across his site this past week and have only gotten to listen to a couple of his podcasts so far but he seems like a great resource.

Oliver Tausend-He has some great things to say about blogging!

Blogging with Amy- She sometimes has some great audio as well. I have learned a lot from her blog.

I am hoping to add to this list as I find out about more and more great Internet Marketing podcasts! I am sure there are a lot more out there I just haven’t come across yet.

Do you have any great podcasts you love listening to? Do you have your own podcasts or have you ever thought about making your own?




  1. Hi Julie,

    that’s pretty cool nice from you ! Thanks for including my blog in this list. You are right, podcasts are very handy !


    Oliver Tausend recently posted..Color To Success In Pictures – How To Talk Correctly To PeopleMy Profile


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